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Foreclosure and Forced Sale Lawyers

For more than 35 years we have focused on the collection of consumer debt and receivables management.  We work for original lenders, debt buyers, forwarders, private investors, financial institutions, credit card companies and mortgage investment companies. We are referred foreclosure and enforcement work by other lawyers and collection professionals. We have lawyers, realtors, process servers, and property managers in every part of British Columbia. We handle high volume collections as well as one of a kind custom accounts. We know how to foreclosure insured mortgages, the requirements of the insurers and their approved insured legal costs matrix. We are compliant with standards required of collection law firms. We are members of the Law Society of British Columbia and the Canadian Bar Association. We are listed on the Canadian Law List and law lists in the United States. We are a member of the Receivable Managment Association of Canada as well as the National Creditors Bar Association. All aspects of our client service and professional conduct are built on a foundation of hard work and creativity. We believe the single most important attribute that our lawyers, staff and others can have is integrity.

Careers with Us

We are always interested in meeting like minded individuals. Anyone who prefers process and technology over traditional legal service models will find a place to innovate here - perhaps disruptively so. Contact us to explore your ideas.



I know sometimes providing feedback gets missed but I just wanted you to know that Elizabeth has done a great job on our files so far. She is very professional and keeps me updated, which is very much appreciated.

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